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Wolfgang Tillmans wants you to vote in the EU referendum

Registration closes today

  • Dave Turner
  • 7 June 2016

World renowned German artist Wolfgang Tillmans has created a series of posters for Mixmag readers to encourage you to register to vote in the upcoming EU referendum.

Tillmans, who is a passionate supporter of the UK remaining in the EU, says "like probably no other scene, the music scene relies on exchange and cultural fluidity", and describes the European Union as the "largest peace project in human history".

He adds: "The reasons why I felt compelled to get involved in the UK-EU referendum are personal - my lifelong involvement with the UK, my love for the UK and its culture, music and people, my career’s groundedness in Britain and the always warm welcome I felt here as a German. I see myself as a product of the European post-war history of reconciliation, peace and exchange.

"However, the more pressing reason why I morphed in recent months from an inherently political, to an overtly political person, lies in my observation of the larger geopolitical situation and an understanding of Western cultures, as sleepwalkers into the abyss."

Whatever your views on Brexit, remember to register to vote here so you can have your say.

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