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We spoke with Tom Emmerson about his recent collaboration with Champion

The brand celebrate SS19 with a unique photography series

  • Lewis Munro
  • 5 April 2019
We spoke with Tom Emmerson about his recent collaboration with Champion

Champion celebrate their SS19 collection with a new series entitled ‘Removing what’s moving’ - which sees the brand partner with London’s most forward-thinking young photographers, to re-interpret the collection with their own unique vision.

First up in the series was Elliot Jones; a London based photographer who’s works feature-calming shots of nature.

The second in the series is photographer Tom Emmerson, who’s unique style captures intimate moments with friends at parks, skateparks and roaming the London streets. His highly distinguishable style has earned him campaigns with brands including Helmut Lang before the age of 18, shortly followed by work with Burberry and Converse.

We caught up with Tom to find out more about Tom and his creative process:

Can you talk us through the initial inspiration behind your shoot with Champion?

Champion gave me total creative control for the project. In my experience those types of shoots tend to be the most successful ones. There’s little point in hiring a photographer for their vision, only to impose a different aesthetic on their work. Much of my personal work features portraits of my friends or landscapes of the countryside. As such I decided to shoot the Champion images in the same manner: by putting the clothes on my friends and driving to the countryside for the day.

You’ve said in recent interviews that you only work with brands that you like. What is it that you like most about Champion?

Their emphasis on quality and simplicity.

Do you think enough established brands are championing young creatives?

I think it’s completely overdone. Brands are using creatives because they’re young and not because they’re good at what they do. Youth itself has become a selling point. They should be looking at the quality of an artist’s work. After all, there’s no longevity in being young.

What other young creatives are there that we should be keeping our eyes peeled for?

Reese Cooper, Reese Cooper, Reese Cooper.

And finally - what do you believe makes a true Champion?

A sense of self.

For more information head over to the Champion website.