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Watch Tommy Trash ‘Wake The Giant’ in this brand new video

See what the Aussie’s new tune is saying

  • Alex Busby
  • 21 August 2015
Watch Tommy Trash ‘Wake The Giant’ in this brand new video

Tommy Trash's latest tune 'Wake The Giant' has finally been given an official video and it's big.

The grammy-nominated DJ and producer who hails from Bundaberg, Australia has been making some noise as of late, and his latest offering is no exception.

Our very own Smirnoff Sound Collective got involved with the music video and Tommy Trash had this to say.

"We're all just people and for me the main connector is definitely music. The best part of my job is traveling around the world and connecting with my fans," explained Tommy Trash.

"It was an amazing experience to work on this series with the Smirnoff Sound Collective that provided a unique opportunity to get fans involved with the making of the video."

'Wake The Giant' is out now, stream the brand new music video below.

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