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WARM is the music service democratising the music industry

They’re going in to bat for independent artists

  • Sponsored editorial
  • 4 September 2017

Here at Mixmag we may have just stumbled across our favourite new technology, one that’s levelling the playing field between independent artists and the music industry’s major players.

WARM’s – The World Airplay Radio Monitor – cause is a noble one. The broad world of radio gets murky when it comes to paying royalties, but this service gives independent talent a helping hand in the form of previously inaccessible radio data.

By allowing artists to monitor the airwaves for their tracks in real time via a subscription any bedroom producer can afford, WARM is an industry game-changer that’s the perfect tool for providing a perfect overview of an artist’s airplays worldwide. By showing which radio stations are playing a tune and when and where, artists can easily tell if they’re big in France or Finland, hook up with promoters and booking agents in those areas and book gigs.

To use WARM it’s simply a case of buying a subscription and uploading a song to monitor. The first song you upload to WARM is free for the first month and then just €5 per song for a month or €36 for a year. And it’s unlikely your track will fall through the cracks. Where WARM really sets itself apart from its competitors is with the scope of stations it monitors, with over 22,000 across 124 countries on FM, DAB and online cross referencing a database of 27 million songs. And those numbers are growing every day.

WARM says they believe in a democratic music industry, created by inexpensive data delivered to music professionals. The revolution is now.

For more information head here.

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