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Voiski releases debut album 'Disconnections, Music For Clouds'

An LP inspired by the art of flight

  • Alex Green
  • 24 September 2017

Voiski has released his first album and it’s not what you would expect.

Many DJs take to the jet set lifestyle with ease, producing and reworking tracks on planes flying across the globe. French techno heavyweight Voiski has taken this one step further.

‘Disconnections, Music For Clouds’ was mostly written, and entirely inspiredn by his time travelling on planes. He then weaved the music together in the Red Bull Studios in Paris using analogue gear and effects.

The result is an ambient techno work that is set to premiere on September 30 as a sound installation at RBMA Festival in Paris.

Stream the album below and preorder the vinyl here.

[Photo: Philippe Gerlach]

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