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The deconstructed club producer is about to release his debut

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 4 April 2016

v1984's terrific remix of 'OG Bobby Johnson' has been doing the rounds for several months, finding its way into the sets of underground DJs with an ear for the dystopian, like Purple Tape Pedigree boss Geng, as well as bass music ring leaders like Kuedo.

The remix is basically what a turn up in a raging hailstorm would sound like. A satisfying piece of exploded rap, it's a little insight into what v1984 does: takes music for 'the club' and fully fucks it up.

Fans of v1984 will have clocked his stuff on SoundCloud, his uploads so good that they'll have you dipping into his DMs to ask for full quality versions in no time. But before you swing to his profile, we've got bad news – all his music's been removed.

But don't worry, because here's the exclusive. v1984 will drop his debut EP on Glacial Industries on May 13. The six-tracker is called 'Becoming (N)one' and is a thrilling showcase of his deconstructed club (not club) music style, which is as concerned with majestic synths and piano keys as it is electronic data babble and overwhelming sub bass.

So it's understandable why v1984's cleared his URL archive, because 'Becoming (N)one' is as impressive opening statement as one could make. An entrée, 'Synchronized Joy And Sorrow', can be heard below.

The EP is an opening statement for Glacial Industries, too. Spotters should be able to put two and two together to work out that the label that brought us Rabit's 'Double Dragon' is back and colder than ever. *Ominous boss-level laugh*.

'Becoming (N)one' is out on May 13 via Glacial Industries, pre-order it here

Seb Wheeler is Mixmag's Digital Editor, follow him on Twitter

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