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Universe Of Tang is the collective throwing far-out parties in London

Masters of the universe

  • Funster
  • 6 December 2016

Corsica Studios is home to some of the best underground house and techno nights in London, but in October, ravers at Make Me were transported to the ‘Universe of Tang’ as Room 2 became a land of endless intergalactic possibilities.

Consisting of six best friends, Universe of Tang is a DJ collective dedicated to bringing mind-bending visuals and side-winding techno to the forefront of their parties – and they’re putting on some of the most unique raves in the city.

“We wanted to find a shared creative outlet by playing music and experimenting with what defines a typical club night – while having a bit of fun with it,” says Tamara. Their parties started in Dalston, then moved to a suitably moody North London warehouse space that showcased exceptional installations and a safe environment to delve into their vision with no boundaries or limitations.

LED clouds, pyramid-like pieces that glow and transform with the music and a wash of deep, powerful colours were offset by pacey techno that comes loaded with cosmic vibrations. Corsica was their biggest project yet, and almost the perfect next step.

“Corsica was packed, and it was the best feeling. The fact we could play there and enjoy it was so great, but we’re primarily a small party and we want to maintain the house party vibe. We want to do it right,” says Natalia, who reaffirms the collective’s passion for making sure every detail of their universe is finely Tang-ed.

Listen to Universe of Tang's mix for Make Me below and check out their Facebook for more information

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