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Universal reportedly given freedom to remove content from Soundcloud

SoundCloud apparently told one user it had no control over Universal removing content

  • Mixmag
  • 1 July 2014

It's being reported that Universal Music can freely remove any content it believes to be infringing copyright on SoundCloud. This is according to an email recently published online.

After being contacted by a user who had been told his account would be closed due to copyright infringements on his radio shows, SoundCloud replied claiming it had no control over the removals.

"Your uploads were removed directly by Universal. This means that SoundCloud had no control over it, and they don't tell us which part of your upload was infringing.

"The control of removing content is completely with Universal. This means I can't tell you why they removed your uploads and not others, and you would really need to ask them that question."

The user responsible for the email is Mr Brainz, a DJ on popular underground internet station Sub FM.

This follows the news that major labels were unhappy with the way SoundCloud works, due to third parties uploading owned content, and Kaskade saying he was considering launching his own music portal because of numerous copyright claims.

See the two emails below.

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