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Ukraine's Closer nightclub faces drug trafficking charges

This Kiev club could be shut down soon

  • Valerie Lee
  • 10 February 2016

Closer, a staple venue in the Ukraine's techno scene, is caught in the crossfires of a brewing battle between local authorities, alleged corrupt Soviet policing methods and the popular Eastern European destination. Closer has most recently been accused of drug trafficking by Soviet authorities with several instances of marijuana and amphetamine possession plighting the nightclub throughout 2015 being held against the venue as evidence.

On the other hand, Closer has claimed that rather than drugs being the problem at hand, they've only received the drug trafficking charge because of their resistance to comply with corrupt authorities. As shared on their Facebook page, Closer explains: "Never pay bribes to corrupted authorities' is our rule. We do not want to support and encourage Soviet models of authority and believe that it is possible to go another way. That's why the department decided to teach us and those who watch: 'Look what can happen if you do not pay.'"

Further reports clarifying the authenticity of Closer's claims have yet to come to light, but it seems as though the people are on the nightclub's side. A Facebook page has been assembled in support of keeping the Kiev club open. Find more information here.

"Closer never broke the law, we never spread or sell drugs," the venue continued to share in a statement. "Furthermore, we fight dealers much better than the Department. Today we really, really need to spread the word. To show to the leaders of the state that killing Closer means much more than closing a club. It means bringing down an important piece of music culture in Ukraine and losing something precious, something that Ukraine could be proud of."

[Via: Resident Advisor]

Valerie Lee is Mixmag's West Coast Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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