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UK government announces new drug driving limits

The legislation is set to come into place this autumn and is the first of its kind

  • Dave Turner
  • 28 March 2014
UK government announces new drug driving limits

The UK government has announced new drug driving limits which are set to come into place this autumn.

Recently set out by ministers, the new limits include 10 micrograms of cocaine, two micrograms of cannabis and one microgram of LSD per litre of blood.

Traces of these drugs can stay in the body for some time, so this legislation is apparently designed to allow for that. So, if you were getting high a few days before being pulled over and tested for dodgy driving, you won't necessarily be charged, as long as your within the proposed limits. Good news for caners who went a bit too heavy on Friday but still need to take the car to work on Monday.

There are also allowances for drivers who are on prescription drugs too: 80 micrograms of morphine, 500 micrograms of methadone and 550 micrograms of diazepam per litre of blood are the amounts allowed.

Making up the first legislation of its kind, the thresholds have been set to prevent those taking prescribed medicine being prosecuted unfairly but limits for amphetamines are to be re-considered in the future.

If drivers are found to be over the newly-set limits, they will be penalised similarly to drink-drivers.

Head here for more information about the legislation.

[Photo: Think! campaign]