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Tresor Records is reissuing the entire Scopex discography

The Berlin-based imprint has dug deep to celebrate its 300th release

  • Hollie Ismail
  • 1 November 2017

Tresor Records is marking its 300th release with exciting plans to reissue all of cult UK label Scopex's back catalogue.

The short-lived imprint was active between 1998-2000, and put out three records of propulsive electro from Simulant and Pollon.

The tracks have been remastered from the original DAT tapes, as has the previously unreleased ‘Optimal Flow’ which was recorded during these original sessions and features as part of the reissue.

'Tresor.300' arrives as a four-part 12’’ vinyl on November 24.

Listen to ‘Optimal Flow’ and check out the tracklists below.

Various Artists 'Scopex 1998-2000'

Record 1
Simulant 'Simm City'
SX12001 - 1998

A1. New Machines
A2. Musical Box
B1. Wav. Form
B2. Wav. Form (Mix)
B3. Untitled (locked groove)

Record 2
Simulant 'Out Of Ether'
SX12002 - 2000

A1. Knife Edge
A2. Spectre
B1. Access Future Audio
B2. Access Future Audio (Mix)

Record 3
Pollon 'Electratech'
SX12003 - 2000

A1. Lost Souls
A2. Lonely Planet
B1. Intro
B2. Lost Souls (Mix)
B3. Xtro

Record 4
Pollon 'Optimal Flow'
SX12004 - 2000

A. Optimal Flow

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