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Tracks that match AKG’s new headphones with pure studio sound

We got our hands on the new line of headphones from AKG and here’s what we’re listening to

  • In association with AKG
  • 22 October 2018
Tracks that match AKG’s new headphones with pure studio sound

AKG’s new line of headphones represents a huge leap forward in offering everyday listeners an exquisite, beautifully balanced and authentic sonic experience. Enduring, portable and loaded with innovative technology, the N700NC, Y500 and Y100 headphone models are delightful and affordable products that properly demonstrate AKG’s Grammy Award-winning sound expertise. Constructed to help you hear the music the way the artist intended, these new headphones aim to unleash your creative potential anywhere and anytime.

We sat down with a pair of AKG’s N700NC model, with noise cancellation technology, to gather a collection of tracks that properly demonstrate how the headphones offer smooth, multidimensional tones, allowing listeners to feel the exceptional sonic detail and dissect each layer of sound.

Check out the tracks below and purchase AKG’s new N700NC headphones by going here.

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