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Toronto looks to appoint a Night Mayor

The effort aims to improve resident relations while boosting the city's economy

  • Sydney Megan Jow
  • 20 May 2016

Councilman Paul Ainslie has proposed to appoint a Night Mayor for Toronto, Canada. The city's economic development committee voted on Tuesday to bring on a Night Mayor Ambassador Program that will enroll a head liaison between the community's booming nightlife and its residents.

The major issue currently at hand is noise pollution from nightclubs and events and its affect on Toronto's locals. In addition to overseeing the relationship between the two parties, the appointed will also be responsible for increasing the number of entertainment outlets in a positive manner as a platform of attracting tourists to stimulate the city's economy.

Representatives of Toronto's residential associations fear that the Night Mayor may not have as much control over clubs as assumed. However, citing the economic success of London's newly appointed Night Mayor, there are high hopes for the city's new program.

[Via: CBC News Toronto]

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