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This patent could allow Apple to block iPhones from recording at concerts

This could put an end to screens in your face

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 28 June 2016

Universally, one of the most frustrating experiences when out at a show or festival is a bright iPhone screen waving in your face as its owner attempts to shakily record whatever is happening on stage.

A patent awarded to Apple might soon put an end to the self-appointed iPhone videographer.

Using the smartphone's infrared technology, Apple could implement certain data transmission with partnered venues that would block your iPhone camera from recording or taking a photo when held up to the stage.

Mixmag questioned the "hard cell" of whether or not phones should be allowed into clubs and plenty of artists have voiced their own disdain for people too preoccupied with recording or Snapchatting their experience instead of simply enjoying it.

The patent was first awarded in 2011 and later re-filed in 2014. However, there have been no plans confirmed to introduce this technology to the next generation of iPhones yet.

The technology is not solely designed to block camera use, either. In other instances, the technology could replicate augmented reality and provide supplemental information or "new experiences" on the user's screen when coordinated with specific venues and situations.

[Via: FACT]

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