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This guy started producing techno to overcome anxiety

Robert Wilson says it gives him an outlet

  • Dave Turner
  • 23 March 2016

There's nothing more soothing and calming than pummeling techno beats, right?

Well, apparently not for a former air traffic controller who was forced to quit work because of a severe anxiety attack in 2010. Canadian Robert Wilson, who goes under the name Robert T, decided to start making music as an outlet for his stress.

Saying his knack for mathematics transfers well into producing - "Music is actually very mathematical, so it's always broken down to 16 beats, eight beats. Using these machines, you can program things in individually" - Wilson even says he's burst into tears when listening back to one of his completed tracks.

Like a true techno don, he's even wearing a Roland TR-909 T-shirt in the news item below. You can also check him out in action at Festival (506) below and check his Bandcamp. Go on, Robert!

[Via: Ask.Audio]

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