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63-year-old DJ: “Age isn’t a barrier”

Don't let anyone tell you you're too old to rave!

  • Harrison Williams
  • 10 August 2017

Bristol-based DJ Double-Barrel, real name Bernie Edwards, is proving that getting older doesn’t mean one has to stop partying and having fun.

A recent study made a bold statement that 37 is the age limit for going to the club, but Double-Barrel is debunking that rubbish by throwing his own raves for people over 50 years old. He’s age 63 and parties just as hard as someone in their 20s. Well, maybe not that hard.

In a video produced by UK-based insurance company SunLife, Bernie reveals that when he was younger his friends would say he should become a DJ, as it was clear he loved collecting records. That said, he never pursued the craft. It wasn’t until he reached 50 that he recognized he had the confidence to get behind a pair of turntables. Now he runs a party series where he spins solely 7” records as Double Barrel.

A regular attendee of Bernie’s parties expressed gratitude for his DJ sets that have given her hope for the future: “This man has given me my life back after a relationship break up two and a half years ago. I've met so many new and lovely friends and look forward to going out every weekend.”

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Watch the video profile on Double Barrel below.

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