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These records are pressed with dinosaur bones and razor blades

Romanus Records don't play by the rules

  • Dave Turner
  • 19 May 2017

Weird things pressed into vinyl have just got weirder thanks to the label Romanus Records.

The Indianapolis imprint describes some its products as "dangerous vinyl", with razor blades and "free floating" gun powder pressed into the wax of Texas rock duo Ghost Wolves.

Dinosaur bones and brewery grains are also fillings of Ghost Wolves' records, but Romanus has yet been able to press dead flies or placentas, according to The Vinyl Factory.

Romanus Records' CEO Chris Banta told Teamrock: "We are always trying to push the bounds of creativity of what can be put in a record. It’s such an open-ended artistic format, with endless possibilities.

"The process of making these is a mastery of the dark arts,” Banta said. “They are constantly evolving… It’s been a giant messy success so far."

Dave Turner is Mixmag's Digital News Editor, follow him on Twitter

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