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These microscopic images of drugs will dazzle you

See MDMA, LSD and more very, very close up

  • Dave Turner
  • 24 November 2015

[Clockwise, from left to right: MDMA, LSD, GHB, Amphetamine, DMT, 2C-B]

A photographer from Holland has taken images of drugs using a microscope and the results are amazing.

Maurice Mikkers, a former medical laboratory assistant in his homeland, processed the photos as part of an ongoing project, Micrograph Stories, in which he uses micrography to turn things such as tears, caffeine and over-the-counter medicine into insanely stunning visuals.

Naturally, he was intrigued at how "harder drugs" would look under the microscope, therefore using the deep web to get his hands on some MDMA crystals to kickstart the new subject of his project.

He wrote: "After looking around on Agora [deep web site], I decided to make my first purchase to see if it would actually work as advertised. By transferring a small amount of my Bitcoin from my local wallet to my Agora wallet, I was ready to buy the lowest amount of MDMA possible, since I needed less than 0.1 gram to make my dilutions."

After handing the crystals into a pharmacy, he was unsure whether to continue his work: "Walking out of the pharmacy my brain was in a twist. I broke the law by buying and being in possession of a hard drug. Struggling with this fact I asked myself if I should continue this project, and accept any possible risks involved."

Luckily, he did. As you can see above, MDMA (shot under a cross polarisation microscope with 200x enlargement) wasn't the only drug he used. LSD (40x enlargement), GHB (100x enlargement), DMT (400x enlargement), amphetamine (40x enlargement) and 2-CB (200x enlargement) make up his exploration of the online drug trade, resulting in microscopic beauty.

Check out all of the images in the gallery above.

[Via: The Week]
[Images: Maurice Mikkers]

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