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There's going to be a musical about Deadmau5

'Deadmouse the Musical' will premiere at the Toronto Fringe Festival

  • Mixmag staff
  • 17 June 2015

Deadmau5 is heading to the theatre. Kind of.

Toronto Fringe Festival is edging ever closer, kicking off on July 1, and everyone's favourite Purrari-driving Canadian is to be at the centre of a musical. Don't get too excited, though. The man himself won't actually be in the play, he'll be replaced by a guy called Joel Zimmermouse.

The synopsis might read like a huge piss-take ("Deadmouse the Musical is a musical about a mouse who wants to be a house DJ but is discriminated against for being a mouse") but this really is happening.

Apparent best friend David Goudda, "mouse-hating house DJ Avicheese (any guesses who they're based on?) and Cat Von D make up the rest of the characters as he sets on his musical mission.

It's running from July 3 to July 11 at Red Sandcastle Theatre so there's plenty of time to see "Book of Mormon meets Ratatouille".

Find out more information here and check some of the music below.