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There's a giant replica of the Roland TB-303 and it's completely functional

Here's what happens when you stumble on the Giant 303 at a festival

  • Harrison Williams
  • 11 July 2017

A giant, fully-functional replica of a Roland TB-303 is currently making rounds at events and festivals, allowing anyone to produce massive acid bass lines.

Built to scale by the creative minds at Ray Interactive, the piece dubbed Giant 303 features key components of a TB-303 with the ability to create the same acid textures as the original piece of hardware.

Recently the Giant 303 made an appearance at the Kelburn Garden Party where a trio of lads participated in a jam session. Gav from the Edinburgh based DJ collective was able to get in on the action, plugging in his Korg Volca to allow for even more beat innovation.

Watch the video below to see the Giant 303 at work.