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These are the slickest machines made by Pioneer

Tech-heads, prepare for arousal

  • Emmanuel Grima
  • 4 July 2016

With the recent announcement of Pioneer DJ's DDJ-RZX audio and video controller, there's never been a better time to look back on the flyest pieces of machinery the company has produced.

Ranging from the first machine the company ever produced to the mind-boggling technology featured on the latest devices, here are the ones Pioneer has made over the years that we can't help but dream about.

Check out all the images in the gallery above and see the names of the tech pieces in order below.

Pioneer WeGO-3

Pioneer DDJ-RZX

Pioneer MA-62

Pioneer PL-350

Pioneer PL-707

Pioneer CDJ-500S

Pioneer EFX-500-R

Pioneer DVJ-X1

Pioneer DJM-250

Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer XDJ-R1

Pioneer DDJ-SB-S

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus

Pioneer XDJ-1000

Pioneer DDJ-SB2

Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer DJM-S9

Pioneer XDJ-700

Pioneer DDJ-RR

Pioneer DJM-2000 Nexus

Pioneer CDJ-TOUR-1