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The fancy dress theme for Bloc is... Richie Hawtin

Yep, seriously

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 19 February 2016

Bloc has revealed the fancy dress theme for the Sunday night of its last ever weekender is Detroit techno pioneer Richie Hawtin.

The Butlins festival called for suggestions on its Facebook page last week, promising that the most 'liked' option would become the theme.

In a triumph of crowdsourcing, and thanks to commenter Alec Storey and the 130 people that liked his post, the theme is going to be to dress like Richie Hawtin.

Richie was the clear winner, although some competition was mounted, with proposals such as “Four decades of Ian Beale” garnering 40 likes, and “Buckfast” receiving 32.

Some murmurings of disquiet have arisen from the fancy dress heads on Facebook, one suggesting girls be allowed to go as Amy Winehouse instead. However, Bloc shut this idea down, responding “Perhaps Richie Hawtin for boys and Richie Hawtin for girls?”.

As ideas man Alec Storey asserted: “You've got to get creative. There's over 30 years of Richie to reference.”

In a statement announcing the winner, Bloc wrote: “We are overjoyed to be celebrating the innovative genius of Richie Hawtin. It’s difficult to express how much joy R. Hawtin has provided us with through the years, but we hope that celebrating his work through the medium of interpretative dress will go some way towards it.”

Blonde hair dye and black tees at the ready!

Patrick Hinton is Mixmag’s Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter here

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