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The Cover Mix: Daniel Avery

Listen tio Daniel Avery's exclusive cover mix

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 1 February 2014

DJ, producer, auteur: Five years on from his masterpiece debut album, Daniel Avery is back with ‘Song For Alpha’, another insight into his distinctive, alternative take on techno, influenced by everything from ambient to shoegaze. No-one else does it quite like this.

Listen to his incredible cover mix below.

Hypoxia ‘Active Tension’ (BL_K Noise)

“My favourite track of the last year and something I’ve been opening my all-night sets with”

Claro Intelecto ‘Hurt’ (Delsin)

“Claro Intelecto has made some of the most interesting-sounding electro records of the past decade and beyond. He’s the king of pads, too”

Jensen Interceptor ‘Glide Drexler’ (Central Processing Unit)

“Central Processing Unit is an amazing label that takes the classic Sheffield spirit but does new things with it. I find myself playing their records in every set”

Plant43 ‘Spider Silk Structures’ (Semantica)

“Semantica is easily one of my favourite techno labels. [Label boss and Spanish DJ] Svreca has a genuinely exciting approach to everything he does, and is constantly breaking new artists”

The Exaltics ‘Slow’ (Mechatronica)

“Every mind-blowing acid record I’ve heard in a club recently turns out to have been made by Robert Witschakowski”

Karen Gwyer ‘Why Don’t You Make Your Bed’ (Don’t Be Afraid)

“Karen makes machine music with so much life and experimentation. One of the most underrated artists around”

Ploy ‘Garys’ (Hemlock)

“I played some gigs with Courtesy around Asia at the end of last year. It was interesting to hear how we pushed each other in different directions. This track was one of the tour highlights”

Hodge & Randomer ‘Slipping’ (Clone Basement Series)

“Both these artists make inspired club records that sound unlike everything else out there”

Daniel Avery ‘Fever Dream’ (Inga Mauer remix) (Phantasy)

“Inga is a truly exciting new techno DJ and one of the coolest people you’ll meet. I’m excited to share this remix”

Henning Baer ‘Burning Chrome’ (MANHIGH)

“Feels like the inside of a jet engine. In a good way”

Umwelt ‘State Of Matter’ (Ekman remix) (Shipwrec)

“The sound of a 303 biting chunks out of a club system is one of my favourite things in the world”

Lost Trax ‘The Saturanian System’ (Delsin)

“Timeless-sounding dreamscape electro on Delsin, recently reissued”

Andrea Parker ‘Invasion’ (Touchin’ Bass)

“Incredible electro from a master, made around the time I started collecting electronic records. It’s genuinely worth checking out all of Andrea Parker’s stuff”

Mike Davis ‘Communiqué From An Absent Future 2’ (Brenda]

“This is from a mysterious little Berlin label called Brenda which keeps sending me killer techno records”

Neel ‘Bassiani’ (Token)

“Some people would call this a ‘trippy roller’. I don’t know what that means, but this is a big record for me at the moment”

Patrick Siech ‘Eter’ [Parabel]

“A 12” I picked up recently. I don’t know much about it other than it feels like the walls are closing in when played in a club”

Sigha ‘Black Massing’ (Wata Igarashi Dark Falls remix) (Token)

“Wata Igarashi deserves to take over the world this year. Part of an amazing wave of DJs/producers currently coming out of Japan”

Daniel Avery ‘After Dark’ (Phantasy)

“A new track from the ‘Slow Fade’ EP. The studio cogs have been grinding hard these last few years, so it feels good to start sending the results out into the ether”

Ian William Craig ‘An End Of Rooms’ (Houndstooth)

“Taken from a beautiful new comp on Fabric’s Houndstooth label. It felt like the perfect ending”

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