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The co-president of investment bank Goldman Sachs is a DJ called D-Sol

Who knew investment banking and DJing go hand-in-hand

  • Valerie Lee
  • 14 July 2017

We've had our fair share of celebrity DJs that flit from acting or singing careers to one behind the decks, but president of a major investment banking company might be a new one.

David M. Solomon is the co-president of Goldman Sachs, one of the leading investment banks, but also moonlights as a DJ named D-Sol. (Possibly after finding out that Solomun was already taken.)

Solomon uploaded a clip to his (private) DJ Instagram page of him playing at a daytime event on the July 4 weekend.

A feature in The New York Times focusing on Solomon's musical career explains that he has been regularly DJing in recent years, stopping in hotspots like New York, Miami with Paul Oakenfold for his Generations tour, as well as in the Bahamas. Before the Instagram page went private, the clips uploaded gave a preview of the type of music D-Sol plays, which includes more commercial end sounds from EDX.