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The Cityfox Experience reveals theme, boosts production for NYC season opener

Taking over The Brooklyn Mirage for REGENERATE

  • Harrison Williams
  • 11 May 2018
The Cityfox Experience reveals theme, boosts production for NYC season opener

NYC party purveyors The Cityfox Experience have announced the opening event at The Brooklyn Mirage with a line-up featuring Martin Buttrich, ANNA, Serge Devant and more.

Along with the carefully curated cast of talent, the organizers are going back to their roots to re-introduce specific themes for the events, with each showcasing unique production.

For the season opening party on May 19, the theme will be REGENERATE and the production will feature an extra layer of lighting, custom visuals and other elements, as well as a simulated overgrown and lush jungle.

Billy Bildstein, the creative director of Cityfox, spoke about the vision behind the new theme and what to expect from the atmosphere: "Its about a ritual to awaken and energize The Brooklyn Mirage out of hibernation. It's about discovering, exploring and electrifying what has been abandoned. It's about celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of a new season.

"All the tools will be in place, we’ve planned a spectacular production. We are going back to our roots and adding another layer and theme to all of our Cityfox shows moving forward. This is how we started and that’s what it’s all about - creating that special experience for one night only. There is only one piece missing, the most important piece, to bring the energy back to this place and reclaim your home. You."

View the event flyer below and find tickets here

[Photo credit: Dean McColl]

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