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The Bug and Dis Fig have teamed up for an album, 'In Blue'

'In Blue' channels the pair's self-styled 'tunnel sound' and will land on Hyperdub in November

  • Seb Wheeler
  • 27 October 2020
The Bug and Dis Fig have teamed up for an album, 'In Blue'

Hear that noise in the near distance? It's the heavyweight collaboration klaxon, this time signalling a new link-up between seasoned soundsystem crusher The Bug and incendiary club kid Dis Fig.

The pair have teamed up for a new album, 'In Blue', which will land on Hyperdub on November 20.

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The project came about after The Bug wanted to turn new material he'd written for a Solid Steel mix into an official record. When Dis Fig dropped him a line about using some King Midas Sound music in a mix (could it have been her Impact perhaps?) she also sent over her 'Purge' LP and The Bug knew she'd be perfect to vocal the stuff he was sitting on.

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The pair have spent two years putting 'In Blue' together and it channels the pair's self-styled 'tunnel sound'.

Check the strobe-lit lead video below.

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