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The BPM Diary: Day 5

Our man Rocky Ramniceanu gives us the lowdown from day five of BPM festival

  • 14 January 2015
The BPM Diary: Day 5

Good news. We're still alive and trucking straight through the halfway point of the festival, but we all reckon it's time for a little off-BPM excursion in the family van. We head to a nearby cenote (a natural pit made when limestone bedrock collapses and exposes groundwater underneath) and start the day with a quick dip in one of nature's most beautiful wonders, largely only found in the Yucatan Peninsula.

We get back to Playa Del Carmen refreshed and rejuvenated and hit the ground running at Canibal Royal with the Visionquest crew, which features a stacked line-up including Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, Cesar Merveille and a live performance from the always-on-point Benoit & Sergio.

We march on to Fusion where tINI and the Gang offer up some hefty German techno to go with the multiple flavours of tequila which we happily rinse through the Mixmag taste test. As the night rolls on we make our way over to Tabu as Miami's Do No Sit On The Furniture club hosts their resident (and co-owner) Behrouz alongside Romanian's Rhadoo and Kozo, who all deliver killer sets well into the wee hours.

However, the talk of the night is the Diynamic Showcase at Blue Parrot Beach club where Solomun and crew send out the deep vibes and blow the roof off of the sand-filled venue.

The general consensus is that this is the best BPM to date. The festival has managed to get bigger while still maintaining the special intimacy that it's known for and in recent years has perfectly blended the swagger of the larger shows with the bedrock of underground support that has always defined festival.

[Photo: Jeff "Turbo" Corrigan, Doug Van Sant & Chris Lazzaro for TheBPMFestival.com]

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