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Sydney to receive a colossal new warehouse venue

"A warehouse experience on a scale never before seen in Sydney"

  • Cameron Holbrook
  • 10 November 2017

An immense and pristine warehouse space has opened up for a series of nightlife events in Sydney, Australia. Located in Technology Park, the new space is part of a forthcoming music series titled The Warehouse Collective, a project created by Sydney’s leading event organization, The Division Agency.

For the past three years, Sydney’s nightlife has been in the throes of a bureaucratic battle after the government passed a harsh measure that requires all venues to close at 3 AM with a 1:30 AM lockout from any club - meaning patrons cannot enter or re-enter any venue after that time in Sydney’s CBD precinct.

The lockout-law opposition group Keep Sydney Open has battled the government tooth and nail in an effort to save the city’s club scene, and continue to fight for the city's right to party. Nightlife regulators such as Division Agency still manage to bring exciting new music to the city’s forefront and are thrilled to host what they are calling “a warehouse experience on a scale never before seen in Sydney”.

Check out the photos of the epic new warehouse venue above.

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