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Swamp81 sub label announces new jungle collection from Benton

"Authentic, old skool flavas," says Fabio.

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 21 November 2016

Swamp81 sub label BBS has released a new collection of tracks from in-demand junglist Benton.

BBS Volume 1 is the latest release from the South London label comprising Benton, Loefah and Benny III.

It’s the first in a series of digital releases for the label but there will be a limited run of tapes available on the Swamp81 shop.

Benton, whose last record was the Brian EP on BBS [Benton Beats] from last year, has garnered plenty of support from scene heavyweights including Fabio and 2 Bad Mice.

“We hear Benton’s take on famous breaks like Amen and Apache peppered with modern twists on old sounds, samples and flavours that make us old ravers smile and a new generation of ravers lose their shit,” Simon from 2 Bad Mice said.

Stream Benton’s BBS Volume One here.


01. Going Down

02. Cold Shift

03. Watson

04. Make Love

05. Saxon Fire

06. Coolest Gang

07. Badman VIP

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