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Students up in arms as UK university bans tech-house

It's all kicking off at Teagsdale

  • Dustin Macnamara
  • 1 April 2017

A UK university has taken the unprecedented step to ban tech-house from its campus.

Teagsdale University of Arts and Culture in Newcastle made the decision after numerous incidents involving “rampant and completely uncontrollable students”.

Speaking to Mixmag, Teagsdale University Director Daniel Steinhoff said: “Some members of the student body have disgraced themselves in recent weeks. We have had countless reports of misbehaviour, including a Nitrous Oxide party in the chapel and the theft of Blue WKD from the Union bar.”

“These incidents all happen in or around events that play tech-house music. The university has been left with no choice but to put a ban in place.”

Bearing the faint whiff of the Criminal Justice Bill, the tech-house ban has come into immediate effect, leaving many students devastated.

Spencer Norton, who runs popular Teagsdale Uni club night HOMESTEAD, told us that the ban has “ruined” his summer.

“I was planning to use the profits from my night to fund a season in Ibiza. Now I’m going to have to punt tickets down San An like a right loser,” Norton said.

Others see the ban as an affront on their cultural identity. Second year English Lit student Deana Holland said: “Newcastle used to be famous for Alan Shearer and Brown Ale. Now it’s famous for the quality of it’s tech-house – the music runs through this city’s veins.”

“Think about it: Richy Ahmed and Cristoph are both from the area, the North East is buzzing! I’m completely gutted to be honest. How am I going to be able to go on a good night out now?”

Teagsdale University campus is 18 miles outside of Newcastle city center, with local bus services finishing at 10.30pm. Many students Mixmag spoke to are worried that they’re now living in a tech-house deadzone.

“It’s like when you go somewhere without wifi – you feel stranded,” first year History student Sarah Higgins told us.

The ban covers music played at Teagsdale Student Union and on its radio station, Teags Air. It even applies to gatherings in student accommodation of “three or more people”, according to official notices that have appeared around the uni campus (see picture above).

Students have already started a petition to bring tech-house back to Teagsdale, including a call for Richy Ahmed to headline the uni’s 2017 Summer Ball as compensation.

Dustin Macnamara is Mixmag's Education Correspondent

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