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Spotify can now "expertly" DJ your next party

Sit down mate, the machines have got this covered

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 16 December 2015

Spotify has launched a new feature called Party mode to expertly beat-match a playlist, resulting in smooth track transitions. Alas, no more awkward pauses between tunes.

This mobile-only feature can adjust the pace of a playlist to match the vibe of the party, according to the user controlled mood tuner. For the launch, Spotify has premiered a 120-track playlist from certified party king Diplo. They promise more DJ-generated playlists to come.

Is this a good thing? On the positive side, drunken randoms are less likely to snatch the aux cord and blast out Beyonce at 5am. On the down side. What next..? A Grandmaster Flash android that mimics primitive hip hop scratching? A Villalobos chip that automatically remixes every tune on your playlist to a minimalist masterpiece? That last one sounds quite good actually...

[via Wired]

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