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​SpectraSoul give us a taste of new album ‘How We Live’

It's out on their Ish Chat Music label in October

  • Jaguar
  • 15 September 2017

Dynamic d'n'b duo SpectraSoul have shared the title track from their ‘How We Live’ LP, which they are releasing on their Ish Chat Music imprint.

This will be the duo’s third studio album, since they started the project in 2006, and follows the 2015 release, 'The Mistress' and 'Delay No More' from 2012 on Shogun Audio.

The ‘How We Live’ video was produced by Luke Ripley and shows explorers trekking along stunning mountain peaks, accompanying the track’s epic momentum and vocals.

SpectraSoul said: “Things have become really exciting again. The last few years of working completely independently has put us back in touch with the purity of drum & bass and the core ideals that are at the foundation of the genre - the independent, f**k you attitude that doesn't conform to major label models, and isn’t all about profit — it’s about art, experimentation, and counter culture. We wanted to latch onto that ethos and run with it, trying to capture that vibe in an album.

“As with every Ish Chat Music release, it's been a really steep learning curve. But it’s this learning, the journey and the process that make the whole thing that much more enjoyable. The title of the album reflects this ethos. We have lived every part of the creative and manufacturing process, and that process, itself, is our lives. Every day we wake up to write music and to challenge ourselves in the studio. We are constantly learning and honing our craft; developing the rules and methods that determine ‘How We Live’.”

The album will also feature Break, Solah and LSB, and is out on October 20. You can watch ‘How We Live’ below and pre-order the album here.

Jaguar is Mixmag's Digital Intern

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