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These rave-inspired household items are the perfect after-party accessory

Introducing the brand that's putting fun into soft furnishings

  • Lewis Munro
  • 8 May 2018

Pill art is something we've seen before but have you seen gigantic Mitstubishi and Rolex pingers, wraps and trippy acid explosions as pillows? Yes, pillows. If you haven't then you should.

The colourful creations by Soft Core been co-signed by the likes of Kurupt FM and CasIsDead and as with most good ideas, the initial concept was created by four friends sat on a sofa after a night out.

With a collective background in graphics and design, the guys decided to take influence from their own colour experiences from raves, the music they listened to and the people they met to develop unique soft furnishings that creates a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Chairs, wallpaper, throws and big old plastic pills. Soft Core does it all and it's going to make your yard look like a beautifully acidic sweet shop.

Although the oversized indestructible pinger cushions, all stitched in the UK, are inherently fun, each piece is designed to last a lifetime of partying, after-partying and chilling out. Basically, these won't lose their potency.

Check out images from the gallery above, or head over to the Soft Core website for more information.

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