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Snapped: Lightning in a Bottle 2017, California

Southern California transforms into a magical festival ground

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 31 May 2017

There's no shortage of choices of where to party come Memorial Day Weekend, a three-day weekend in the United States that tends to mark the beginning of the summertime season. But for partygoers seeking an experience that provides more than "just a party" - think artwork, interactive sessions, learning workshops, go-cart races and more - Lightning in a Bottle, held in Southern California's city of Bradley, was the perfect oasis.

And an oasis it was, with California's water supply replenished after a several-year long drought ended this year, the festival site's previously dried-up lakebed was finally full of water, to festival goers' delight. All weekend long, people were able to swim and play in the lake, which also housed four pieces of aquatic art.

As usual, Lightning in a Bottle was both a visual and aural delight, introducing 12 new structures to the grounds and hosting a slew of memorable and some surprise performances from Rufus Du Sol, Tokimonsta and Bonobo and more.

See the incredible sights from Lightning in a Bottle 2017 above.

[Photos: Get Tiny / Juliana Berstein, JB Photo, Eric Allen, Aaran Alps, Michael Roush]

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