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Snapped: Housekeeping x Mixmag at Crane Hotel Faralda

Going all the way up on a crane in 'Dam

  • Mixmag crew
  • 23 November 2016

At ADE earlier this year, London DJ collective Housekeeping and Mixmag went back to rave’s roots in the tradition of reclaiming industrial spaces.

The Crane Hotel Faralda is a 50m-high shipyard crane turned boutique hotel and events space in Amsterdam and was one of the hottest destinations at the world’s largest dance music conference.

With Palms Trax, Ryan Elliott, Cinthie and the Housekeeping crew all manning the decks, it was a night to remember for those there and watching the stream around the world.

It wasn’t the first time Housekeeping had ascended the crane either. The collective threw a run of parties there last year and have been active with events this year as well.

Head to their Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.

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