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Sharam releases his first album in seven years

'Retroactive' features Giorgio Moroder, Daniel Bedingfield and more

  • Mixmag Staff
  • 10 June 2016
Sharam releases his first album in seven years

Sharam has broken a seven-year silence with the release of his latest LP, 'Retroactive'.

Inspired by his own roots of discovering underground music in Washington, DC, 'Retroactive' is a culmination of tracks that Sharam has been creating and fine-tuning since his last album, 'Get Wild', in 2009. Collaborators include Giorgio Moroder, Daniel Bedingfield, Anousheh, Chance Caspian and Alex Neri.

Conceptually, the album touches on many different strokes of dance music - from the '80s-inspired thanks to Giorgio Moroder to drum 'n' bass-influenced sounds - and as Sharam explains, is "a hypnotic and emotional" rollercoaster ride that pays homage to the many influences he's had throughout his career.

Grab the 13-track album here.

Watch Sharam in The Lab LA here.

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