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SG Lewis shares first chapter of three-part album, ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’

Disco-inspired 'Dusk' is out now via PMR/Virgin EMI

  • In association with Universal
  • 9 April 2018
SG Lewis shares first chapter of three-part album, ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn’

Rising producer and songwriter SG Lewis has revealed the first phase of his ambitious three-part album ‘Dusk, Dark, Dawn' with the release of six-tracker 'Dusk'.

Replicating the musical shifts experienced on a night out, each release will explore different phases of the cultural tradition, moving from pre-party grooves on ‘Dusk’, to darker techno-inflected sounds on ‘Dark’, and finally through to post-club euphoria on ‘Dawn’.

On ‘Dusk’, the six cuts blur various musical references from genres such as West Coast hip-hop, 80’s electro and disco. Honing in on the warmth and magnetism of these influences, Lewis explains via a press release:

“Disco has always had the association of the start of a night for me. I spent a lot a time as a resident DJ in clubs and disco was always that magnetic genre, always brought people onto the dancefloor.”

‘Dusk’ is out now via PMR/Virgin EMI. To stream or purchase the album head over here, and check out 'Aura' and the track list below.

1. Sunsets (Part 1)
2. Sunsets (Part 2)
3. Aura ft. J Warner
4. Golden
5. Coming Up
6. Tides ft. Kartell

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