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Seth Troxler: "EDM and underground dance music are separate cultures"

Speaking at ADE, he outlined his wish for the two to stay separate

  • Dave Turner
  • 27 October 2014

Seth Troxler believes EDM and underground dance music should remain separate entities. Heading a keynote talk at ADE, the Michigan artist outlined his wish for the two cultures not to unite, highlighting the lack of things the two have in common.

"I feel like EDM and underground dance music shouldn't necessarily be united, as we don't share common goals or interests. When I got into electronic music as a kid, the whole point was it existed outside the establishment and allowed us to be who we really are."

He continued by saying he believes the sustainability of the underground culture will be achieved by people returning to the "truth" of music. "We are different cultures, and we should stay different cultures. The underground is stronger than ever, and it can never defeated.

"And after all the commercialisation of the past few years, I think people are really coming back to the idea of real truth in music, the deepness of that. That's what will sustain it in the future."

[ Via: inthemix]

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