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Drug seizures of LSD rose by 230% in England and Wales last year

The Home Office has published new data about drug seizures made in last financial year

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 9 December 2020
Drug seizures of LSD rose by 230% in England and Wales last year

The British Home Office has published new statistics about drug seizures in England and Wales for the financial year ending in March 2020.

The figures show a sharp rise in the amount of LSD seized by officials: 178,193 doses were seized in total, marking a 230% increase on the previous year (54,070 doses).

This marks the highest quantity seized since the year ending March 2005, when a whopping 1,137,000 dose seizures were recorded.

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In total, 183,068 drug seizures were made in England and Wales in the year-long period, up 20% from 153,136 the previous year.

Cannabis was the most commonly seized drug, accounting for 71% of all drug seizures.

Seizures made by police forces rose by 17% to 169,224, and those by Border Force were up 55% to 13,844.

Border Force seizures tended to account for much larger quantities (92% of heroin, 88% of cocaine, 81% of herbal cannabis, 79% of anabolic steroids, 77% of cannabis resin and 67% of ecstasy) than those made by police forces, which are often individuals possessing small amounts of illegal drugs.

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View the full statistics here.

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