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Second person dies after taking drugs at Stereosonic

A 19-year-old suffered a drug overdose on Saturday

  • Dave Turner
  • 7 December 2015

Another drug-related death at Stereosonic in Australia has led to calls for pill testing.

Days after a festival-goer passed away after apparently taking ecstasy at the Sydney leg of the touring festival, reports state 19-year-old Stefan Woodward died in hospital having had a "drug overdose" at the Adelaide stop-off on Saturday (December 5).

Police say Woodward was found in possession of orange pills stamped with a dollar sign, commenting they "may be related" to his death.

Australian duo Peking Duk, who played at the festival, took to Facebook yesterday to call for a change in approach towards drug use.

They wrote: "Fuck this. Heavier policing will not prevent deaths. Australia, it's time to start testing."

The CEO of Noffs Foundation, an organisation helping Australian youths tackle drug and alcohol problems, echoed their opinion.

Matt Noffs tweeted: "Another festival death. This is becoming ridiculous. We can start saving lives today. It's "

Temperatures apparently peaked at 40 degrees celsius at the event, leading to some sets to be paused while water was given to the crowd, although one attendee told ABC "cold water could have been issued a little bit better".

Thirty-five ecstasy tablets are said to have been confiscated and the festival's organiser, Totem OneLove, issued a statement ahead of the Brisbane leg warning about the circulation of hazardous substances.

It reads: "We cannot express our concerns highly enough regarding the dangers of drug use. We have tragically lost two lives to drugs during our festival and whilst every effort has been made to protect you and keep you safe with our teams of professional medical and security staff, you as individuals need to make smart choices and understand the risks you are taking.

"As media reports have indicated there are various highly dangerous substances on the market and there is no way of knowing what is in them. Do not gamble with your life today."

Despite this, ABC reported that 20 people were admitted to hospital for drug overdoses in Brisbane.

[Via: Billboard]

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