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Scientific research finds that trance is the key to better test tube baby growth

Armin van Buuren's the man at the centre of it

  • Louis Anderson-Rich
  • 16 January 2017

Scientists say trance music could be a key component for the better development of test tube babies.

Research conducted at a Moscow IVF clinic found that eggs in test tubes had responded positively after being played music for 24 hours a day at 80 decibels (about the same volume as a phone’s dial tone).

The music played to the eggs were Armin van Buuren’s 'A State Of Trance' compilations, but UK media outlets have mistakenly reported that techno is the genre responsible for improvement.

Needless to say, the listening sessions have resulted in a fifth more viable embryos in test tubes. Eggs were also much more likely to reach the stage of being implanted in the womb, according to the Telegraph.

It’s thought that the vibrations from the music create a similar environment to that of the womb immediately after conception.

Dagan Wells, an associate professor at the University of Oxford, said: “It is possible that vibrations could simulate some of these effects by agitating the medium, helping to mix the fluid in which the embryo is immersed, diluting potentially harmful chemicals excreted by the embryo and increasing exposure to important nutrients."

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