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We The Generation (Atlantic)


  • Miriam Johnson
  • 4 September 2015

It's impressive that Rudimental have managed to squeeze enough studio time into their busy touring schedule to produce this strong follow-up to their 2013 debut. 'We The Generation' is full of catchy, radio-friendly earworms tailor-made for maximum impact at their blistering live performances. Opener 'I Will For Love' is a powerful statement of intent.

'We The Generation' feat Mahalia is a worthy title track: pitched-down hip hop-esque vocal samples paired with plucked guitar strings and brass chords provide a catchy build-up to its central statement. The dramatic d'n'b drops can get a little repetitive; while this may be Rudimental's party trick, there's a touch of major-label predictability when it occurs in the same verse-chorus structure over several songs in a row. Despite this, Dizzee's rap over 'Love Ain't Just A Word' helps to inject some raw energy mid-way through. 'Rumour Mill' also stands out as a very likeable UK pop-house number, and has a brilliant question-and-answer turn from Anne-Marie and Will Heard.

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