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Roman Flügel is making ‘All The Right Noises’ on new album

A collection of tracks that go beyond the common structures of electronic music

  • Harrison Williams
  • 31 August 2016

With his third solo album forthcoming on Dial, Roman Flügel reveals that his new material will drift away from the typical realm of dance music and offer a raw take on his production style. Titled ‘All The Right Noises’, the 10-track offering boarders techno, ambient and psychedelic motifs while taking an experimental approach to song structure.

When on the road, touring the world as a DJ, Flügel’s output consists of techno and house invigorated with melody and rhythm, but he’s assured us that’s not what the new album will focus on. “This time the opposition even goes so far,” Flügel explains, “that I partially bypass obvious beats and even the classic 4/4 scheme is often avoided."

Flügel is clearly pushing the limits of electronic music in a way that defies classification, which is refreshing in an industry that can seem overly structured at times. Of course we have seen him supply the scene with dancefloor focused beats for much of his career and his success in that aspect is well documented. Now he’s tossed the rule book and is showcasing his unique artistry.

"I focused on the freedom of structure,” says Flügel. “Nothing needs to function. Some tracks are simply recorded live and never got quantized. It is an attempt to dissolve the musical pulse, or blurring it at least."

View the tracklist below and look for ‘All The Right Noises’ to be released October 28 via Dial Records.

01. Fantasy
02. The Mighty Suns
03. Dead Idols
04. Nameless Lake
05. Warm And Dewy
06. Dust
07. Believers
08. All The Right Noises
09. Planet Zorg
10. Life Tends To Come And Go

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