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Robert Henke cancels US gigs in response to Trump's anti-immigration policy

Including Monolake and Lumière III shows

  • Harrison Williams
  • 30 January 2017

German electronic producer Robert Henke has announced he is cancelling all future gigs in the US, including performances under his Monolake alias as well as the Lumière III immersive audiovisual concert.

The announcement was made in response to a widely criticized order made by US President Donald Trump to ban immigration from predominantly Muslim countries.

Henke shared the news via a post on Facebook: “I decided to cancel all planned Lumière III , Monolake or other shows in the US. I am not willing to apply for a visa anymore, and I am not willing to pretend I am a tourist when coming for concerts. A word for all my friends & fans in the US: I do everything I can to support you. I know you are as devastated as I am. This is not against you.”

Amid the current political climate, Henke is not the only producer to cancel gigs in the US. Last week UK-based techno producer Dave Clarke made a similar announcement with special attention on Donald Trump.

He wrote: "I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a Misogonyst [sic] Narcissist Racist President in office…”

Over the weekend, thousands organized in protest of President Trump’s recently revealed anti-immigration policy, with many peaceful gatherings taking place at major US airports, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas, New York's JFK, Raleigh, Houston, Seattle, Portland and Atlanta among others.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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