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Richie Hawtin and Pioneer DJ launch the Get Played Get Paid campaign

With an aim of fair distribution of royalties, specifically regarding DJ sets

  • Harrison Williams
  • 19 October 2016

Richie Hawtin has teamed up with Pioneer DJ to launch Get Played Get Paid, a campaign that aims to improve the allotment of royalties to producers that have their music played during DJ sets.

With Hawtin’s RADR app for Traktor, which posts a DJ’s setlist to Twitter in realtime, and Pioneer DJ’s KUVO, a similar service that registers metadata of DJ sets, the two parties will combine technologies to monitor what gets played and who should get paid.

Currently, in order for producers to earn their respected royalties, it is the responsibility of clubs and DJs to register tracks in a set. This has been proven to be a flawed system and royalties are often distributed to the wrong people. Also, not all tracks are eligible to earn royalties as the production needs to be registered with a performance rights organization.

Now with RADR and KUVO tracking club nights, a system will be put in place so that royalties are distributed fairly.

The Association For Electronic Music is also backing the campaign.

Watch the video below to learn more about Get Played Get Paid.

Harrison is Mixmag's East Coast Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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