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RAIDERS announce a new two-part compilation series 'Queens Of Club'

The series celebrates women and non-binary producers of electro, footwork and breakbeat

  • Words: Jemima Skala | Photo: Larisa Tandem
  • 3 October 2020
RAIDERS announce a new two-part compilation series 'Queens Of Club'

Berlin-based record label RAIDERS [organisers pictured] has announced the forthcoming release of a two-part compilation ‘Queens Of Club’. The first part, ‘Astral Booty’, releases on October 25, and ‘Night Shift’, the second part, releases a week later on November 1.

The name ‘Queens Of Club’ is a homage to DJ Technics’ 2001 compilation ‘Queens of Baltimore Club’.

The compilations are entirely produced, mixed and mastered by women and non-binary people. They are intended to platform artists marginalised by the music industry mainstream; by virtue of how they’ve gone about creating the compilation, it also provides a helpful precedent for labels, artists and industry executives going forwards.

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As the press release indicates, the compilations are ‘intended for everyone and anyone who likes to shake their ass at high speed’. The upcoming ‘Astral Booty’ features contributions from Morphena, Sarah Farina and Coca Cobra.

The release is accompanied by a 2GB custom engraved USB stick which contains both compilations and bonus material, including extra tracks, unreleased demos, remix stems and sample packs.

Preorder ‘Astral Booty’ and ‘Night Shift’ here, and listen to ‘Get It Gurl’ by Sarah Farina below. Check out the full tracklist below.

Part One - Astral Booty

  1. Morphena - Melatonin Dreams
  2. Dolomea - Intoxicated Pedestrian
  3. $ombi - allaboutcake
  4. URTE - BB
  5. Sarah Farina - Get It Gurl
  6. - Perfect
  7. Salush - Ghettoangels
  8. Yozy - Girls Have Taken The Ghetto
  9. Coca Cobra - Skittles
  10. They Wept - Infinite Feeling
  11. Xyla - Work Dreams

Part Two - Night Shift

  1. MSJY - We Stallion
  2. DJ Fuckoff - Fuck A Lil Mo’
  3. Eram - Tr00 Brazillian Shit
  4. Souci - Reclaiming Bad Bitch
  5. Jadzia - Whipped
  6. DJ MELL G - Drop Da Bass
  7. Parand - Bobby Is Carmelyzed
  8. Danielle Arielli - EOE R
  9. Dolomea - Dippin in the Kool Aid
  10. AK Sports - Miley Cyrus

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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