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Radiohead fans speculate ‘Ok Computer’ anniversary celebration

They may be onto something...

  • Harrison Williams
  • 25 April 2017

Mysterious posters are popping up around the world and Radiohead fans adamantly believe they hint at the band’s anniversary for their 1997 album ‘Ok Computer’, which turns 20 this year.

The posters feature a font identical to the one Stanley Donwood used on the album’s artwork and posters. A user on Reddit declared that the poster “is pretty obviously tied to the album's themes”, with many others expressing similar sentiment.

'Ok Computer' was a critical moment in Radiohead’s young career at the time. It reached the top of the UK Albums Chart and was widely praised for its experimental approach, earning the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 1998.

If these posters represent a celebration for Radiohead’s ‘Ok Computer’, expect something to go down on May 21, which was the album's release date.

View shots of the posters below.

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