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​Premiere: Prayer's ‘Seeing’ is a haze of sci-fi jungle

A world of hazy breaks

  • Alex Green
  • 16 June 2017
​Premiere: Prayer's ‘Seeing’ is a haze of sci-fi jungle

Swelling pads, a classic junglist breakbeat and cinematic vocals. Three elements that could sound hackneyed in the hands of a producer less skilled than Prayer. His new track ‘Seeing’ takes these ingredients and creates something that sounds both fresh and classic, lush yet desolate.

The cut begins with a skittering breakbeat submerged under a blanket of reverb. A ghostly vocal rises above the the rapid-fire drums, which slowly evolve over the track’s six minutes. In his previous work Prayer has strived to join the dots between classical music and dance music. Like Burial, Prayer’s music draws on the melancholy, soaring sound of Vangelis’ soundtrack to Blade Runner, the authoritative synth-led sci-fi soundtrack.

The ‘Seeing’ EP takes this idea straight to the dance floor, incorporating the intricacies of the classical form with the rhythmic complexity of jungle.

Prayer’s ‘Seeing’ EP will be released June 30 via Black Acre. Listen to the track below.

Alex Green is Mixmag's Weekend Editor. Follow him on Twitter here

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