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Premiere: Louisahhh presents 'A Trap I've Built', her most visceral work to date

A fierce and furious record for turbulent times

  • Funster
  • 27 November 2017
Premiere: Louisahhh presents 'A Trap I've Built', her most visceral work to date

Louisahhh has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in dance music. Her emotion-laced spoken words dominate any track they feature on and over the last few years her skills as a producer have also moved to the forefront.

With her RAAR imprint, the label she runs alongside techno and electro luminary Maelstrom, she's pushing a darker, more distinct sound than ever before and its bleak, unsettling edge coincides with the turbulent world we're living in at the moment.

Her latest offering is the 'A Trap I've Built' EP and it's her most visceral, unnerving and powerful release to date. With a more instrument-led aesthetic and a raw, unrelenting theme running throughout, it's a record that will most certainly put you on edge, but that's the point.

"'A Trap I’ve Built' is an intentionally brutal body of work. Wading through murky themes of rape culture, addiction, masochism and deprivation, whatever isn't explicitly lyricised bleeds through in a sonic ambush. It is my intention that listening to these songs, or DJing them, should be an experience that leaves the audience a little shaken up, something they can feel in their teeth." she says.

With that in mind, listen to 'Trap' below.

'A Trap I've Built' is released on December 1, preorder here

Funster is Mixmag's Digital Editor, follow him on Twitter

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