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Polo & Pan team up with Channel Tres for new single 'Tunnel'

It’s the second single from their forthcoming second LP ‘Cyclorama’

  • Words: Jemima Skala | Photo: Fiona Torre
  • 5 June 2021
Polo & Pan team up with Channel Tres for new single 'Tunnel'

Polo & Pan have this week released the second single from their forthcoming second album ‘Cyclorama’, ‘Tunnel’.

Featuring Channel Tres, ‘Tunnel’ is a clubby house offering that smacks of cocktails in the sunshine.

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‘Cyclorama’ will be released on June 25 and is the follow-up to Polo & Pan’s 2017 album ‘Caravelle’.

Speaking on the album’s announcement a couple of weeks ago, the production duo have said, “Dear fans and friends, we are so proud to announce our new album is about to drop. ‘Cyclorama’, our second LP, is a musical odyssey through the steps of human existence from birth to adulthood to death… and transcendence! After our first journey in space with ‘Caravelle’, we can’t wait to take you on a hedonistic excursion through time with ‘Cyclorama’”.

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The album’s lead single ‘Ani Kuni’ was a tribute to their favourite childhood lullaby, and the proceeds from the track went to supporting the National Indian Child Care Association, a representative American Indian and Alaska Native organisation.

Listen to ‘Tunnel’ and check out the album’s full tracklist below.

‘Cyclorama’ Tracklist:

1. ‘Côme’

2. ‘Ani Kuni’

3. ‘Magic’

4. ‘Attrape-rêve’

5. ‘Tunnel’ feat. Channel Tres

6. ‘Requiem’

7. ‘Feel Good’

8. ‘Melody’

9. ‘Oasis’

10. ‘Artemis’

11. ‘Jiminy’

12. ‘Bilboquet(Sirba)’

13. ‘Les Jolies Choses’

14. ‘Peter Pan’ feat. Antonin

Jemima Skala is Mixmag’s Weekend Editor. Follow her on Twitter

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